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Special considerations surrounding commercial leases

If you are fortunate enough as a Georgia business principal to have income streams deriving from leases of both residential and commercial properties, you command some in-depth knowledge of those legal instruments.

And you centrally know this: Residential and commercial leases are markedly different in their terms and conditions.

There is simply no question as to which lease type is denser and more specialized in its fine print, is there?

One online overview of the leasing universe readily addresses the point. It states that, “Commercial lease agreements are more complicated than residential leases because the terms are negotiable and vary greatly from lease to lease.”

Georgia owners of leased commercial properties know that intimately well, and often reasonably turn to proven real estate attorneys for assistance in lease-linked matters. Experienced legal counsel can provide valuable input across the virtual universe of lease considerations, from negotiation and drafting to enforcement and dispute resolution.

The above-cited primer on commercial leases specifically spotlights a number of topics that invite close scrutiny from seasoned real estate lawyers. Rent amount is an obvious focus, as is the process for addressing increases. Lease length is always important, as are matters relevant to property improvements or modifications. Exclusivity, the assigning or subletting of leased property, compliance with local, state and federal laws – all these concerns and more can require attention and studied input from trusted legal counsel.

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