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Common divorce assumptions to avoid

Commonly believed myths about divorce could cause some people in Georgia to make mistakes during the divorce process. For example, some fathers may think there is no chance that they will be awarded custody, but this is not true. The court will make a decision based on the best interests of the child. If the father has been the child’s main caregiver, he might get custody.

Some men may also assume that they will not get alimony. However, as more women have moved into the workforce and become breadwinners, the likelihood that men will be awarded alimony has grown as well. A man who has stayed home with the children might be paid spousal support until he is able to reenter the workforce. People should avoid other assumptions as well, such as thinking they can protect their finances and keep them separate by having separate accounts. The money in them might still be considered joint property along with other assets acquired during divorce, and they will be subject to equitable division.

Divorces are usually not solely the fault of one person. People may want to consider their part in the marriage’s end, particularly since second marriages are even more likely to end in divorce. Finally, people should keep in mind that after the divorce, they may have to deal with financial and co-parenting issues.

Both of these issues may be addressed with the help of a lawyer during the divorce process, and individuals who better understand the family finances may be at an advantage during property division. A person who wants to keep the family home should make sure it is affordable. If there are taxes on an asset, such as a retirement account, this should be considered when calculating its value. A parenting agreement may allow parents to address some of the potential issues with children that might arise.

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