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November 2019 Archives

What to consider when making an estate plan

Georgia residents and others may ask an attorney or another professional for help creating an estate plan. However, it is critical that they understand the details of the plan well enough to explain to others. The structure of a plan will depend on a variety of factors unique to the person who is creating it. Those who have life insurance policies or other assets that come with beneficiary designations should review those designations regularly.

How to stay sane when co-parenting with a narcissist

Georgia parents who are co-parenting with a toxic ex may feel like they are going crazy. The bad-mouthing, accusations, manipulation and constant pushing of limits can make a person feel incredibly frustrated. However, there are a few ways to make it easier to co-parent with a difficult ex.

Breath tests are not as ironclad as once thought

Most Georgia residents link the term "Breathalyzer" with getting pulled over DUI. They understand that if a person fails a breath test, they may be charged and could possibly be arrested. However, research has shown that breath tests are not as reliable as was once thought. There is a lack of transparency and consistency when it comes to DUI testing.

Construction defects can lead to serious damage

Construction defects that Georgia residents may find in residential or commercial buildings usually refer to a deficiency in the way the building was designed, planned, inspected or constructed. It could mean that the building did not perform to a reasonable degree in the manner that it was intended by the buyer.

Estate planning dispute likely after famed musician's death

For Georgia residents and people across the United States, estate planning can be a frequent source of disagreement, especially when there are significant assets involved. If the parties are wealthy and prominent, it can make the situation exponentially more complicated. Such is the case with the recently deceased musician Ric Ocasek and his wife, model Paulina Porizkova.

Tips for requesting a change in custody court dates

Divorce, and the custody issues that come with it, can be stressful for parents in Georgia, and fitting court dates for custody hearing around work and other obligations can be even more difficult. In general, courts expect parents to be available for these hearings at the times they are set, but there are circumstances in which a date might be changed.

Health care estate planning for young people

Most people in Georgia and around the country attend to estate planning matters because they are getting older or have accumulated assets that they wish to protect. However, some of the documents found in a comprehensive estate plan can be extremely valuable even to college students. This is particularly true of documents dealing with health care decisions because young people tend to enjoy dangerous activities like rock climbing and skiing and are also disproportionately represented in traffic accident statistics.

Sharing child custody of an infant

When Georgia parents decide to end their marriage, they may face a challenging time adapting to a parenting plan and a visitation schedule. This can be difficult with kids of any age, even when they are old enough to express their own preferences and desires. However, there can be even more serious issues when the child involved is an infant. Caring for a baby has its rewards and its challenges as well as unique concerns that come with moving a baby from place to place.

Outdated will causes problems for John Singleton estate

Georgia residents should avoid making the mistake of procrastinating on creating or updating an estate plan. The case of film director John Singleton offers a useful example of why this is the case. Singleton died suddenly in April from a stroke at the age of 51. The will he left behind was prepared in 1993.

Unconscious bias can present a challenge in the courtroom

When scientists examine discriminatory conduct in New Jersey and across the country, they often find that problems are less attributable to overt bigotry than to unconscious bias. Unconscious bias, or beliefs and stereotypes embraced at a subconscious level, can affect the way that people respond to others, judge their behavior or assess their intentions. Unfortunately, many of these unconscious biases reflect racist and sexist stereotypes, putting people and their liberty and even lives at risk if they enter the criminal justice system.

Shortfalls with blood pattern analysis

Georgia residents may be interested in learning the role that analyzing blood splatter has in unearthing the particulars of a crime. Blood pattern analysis can be traced back to 19th-century Europe. Since the mid-1900s, it has taken on a more prominent role in crime scene investigations in the United States.

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