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Why a calendar is a useful tool in a divorce

People in Georgia who are getting a divorce may find a calendar a useful piece of evidence and memory prompter, especially if they are parents. During the divorce process, it can be hard for people to remember details about the time they spent with their children and certain expenses, but a calendar can help bring clarity.

For example, some frequently overlooked child-related expenses are the costs of gifts for birthday parties that children attend or costs related to traveling to out-of-town events for sports that children play. Kids may have also paid one or more visits to a doctor or therapist, and this might also be indicated on the calendar. These kinds of details can affect both child custody and support, but the stress of divorce means that when parents are trying to supply information about their children’s activities, health and other issues, they often struggle to answer them.

Both child and spousal support are supposed to keep a child or ex-spouse in a lifestyle similar to the one during the marriage. Calendars can help out here as well. While people are unlikely to forget one-time memorable trips, they may not remember how often they took smaller ones or went out to dinner.

Divorce can be difficult, but it is possible for people to stay out of litigation and negotiate an agreement for child support, custody, spousal support and property division. This agreement should still be approved by a judge and made legally binding. This offers protection if one parent fails to pay support to the other, or one person tries to keep the child from the other parent. There are a few situations in which one parent might be allowed only supervised visitation with his or her child or be blocked to access altogether, but courts usually operate under the assumption that a child should have a relationship with both parents.


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