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William Shatner’s divorce is final

Georgia “Star Trek” fans might be interested to learn that William Shatner’s divorce from his fourth wife was recently finalized. The couple, who had been married for 18 years, had separated in early 2019.

News sources report that Shatner and his ex-wife had a prenuptial agreement. Shatner will reportedly be able to keep a majority of his assets, which are valued at around $100 million. He was able to keep all of his royalties from “Star Trek” as well. Shatner’s ex-wife stated that her brother had passed away around the same time that the divorce was filed. He reportedly filed for the divorce in December, and it was finalized on Jan. 29. His ex-wife asked for respect from the media so that she could grieve her brother’s death with her family.

Shatner was previously married three times. He had two daughters with his first wife. His third wife drowned in the couple’s swimming pool not long after he had filed for a divorce from her. He stated that even though he was planning to divorce her, he was overcome with grief at her loss. Shatner is 88 years old.

People who are planning to marry might want to consider entering into prenuptial agreements. While it might seem difficult to bring up the subject, doing so might offer protection if the marriage ends in a divorce. Experienced family law attorneys might help their clients to negotiate the terms of prenuptial agreements with the people whom they plan to marry. If the agreements are drafted correctly and both parties fully understand and agree to all of the terms, they can make any divorces that might occur in the future much faster and smoother than they might otherwise be.

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