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March 2020 Archives

You have to work through these areas in divorce

Family law matters are often those that are close to a person's heart -- especially when it comes to divorce and child custody. When a couple who has children decides that the marriage isn't working, they may decide to take legal steps to end the union. This triggers the need to handle a few different points.

Why the Georgia gang database is a bad idea

Organized gang activity is definitely a problem in many areas of the country, and Georgia is no exception. It's hardly surprising, then, that the governor has announced the creation of a statewide database that's designed to track known gang members, suspected gang members and their various associates.

What people should know about life insurance in a divorce

Spouses in Georgia who are negotiating a divorce agreement often fail to appreciate the difficulty and importance of figuring out the right life insurance arrangement. It is not as cut and dry as it seems, and it requires some foresight. However, divorcing spouses typically focus most of their energy on issues such as property division and custody.

Esports dispute highlights finances of professional gaming

While many people in Georgia are fans of the videos and competitions hosted by esports stars and teams, the reality of professional video gaming can be more complex. Like other forms of entertainment, esports is a major industry that relies on restrictive yet lucrative contracts. One of the stars of the esports world, 22-year-old "Fortnite" player Tfue, is engaged in an ongoing dispute with his former esports group, FaZe Clan, over Tfue leaving the group and bringing his contract to an end. Both sides are asking a federal judge to rule in their favor in key aspects of the ongoing dispute.

Quaint Georgia shopping area slated to be demolished

According to news sources, a quaint shopping area on St. Simons Island in the Pier Village shopping district is planned to be demolished and replaced by a 20,000 square-foot art complex. The area is located at the corner of Beachview Drive and Mallery Street and is filled with colorful shops.

The financial aspects of divorce

The end of a marriage can be an emotional time for a couple in Georgia. In many cases, soon-to-be exes want to reach an accord on the applicable divorce legal issues by negotiating a settlement agreement. Many prefer this alternative to fighting it out in court, but they need to avoid the temptation of rushing through the process because they might forget to include some important points. One of those is the financial ramifications.

How to make a divorce as easy as possible

Divorces in Georgia and throughout the country are often emotional events that can have a lasting impact on people's physical, financial and mental health. However, there are steps that a person might take to help a divorce go as smoothly as possible. Ideally, individuals will be open and honest about what they need as a marriage comes to an end. Even if they don't want to talk with their former partners, it is important to communicate well with an attorney or mediator.

How trusts can help individuals meet estate planning goals

Georgia residents and others may be able to derive many benefits from creating a trust. Perhaps the most important benefit is the fact that assets held in a trust are typically not subject to probate. In addition to saving time and money, avoiding probate means that information about a person's finances are not revealed to the public. In many cases, assets that are held in a trust cannot be seized by creditors or taken in a divorce settlement.

Divorced parents can help their children at a young age

Georgia couples who are going through a divorce must work out a custody agreement that dictates which parent has the children and when. In society, there is often a presumption that the mother is the more capable parent and the child will benefit most from time with her. However, research and empirical data suggests that shared parenting will usually work best for the children.

Taking advantage of the estate tax exemption before it sunsets

Some entrepreneurs and business owners in Georgia have worked hard to amass significant estates over time. They may want to protect these assets and pass them on to future generations without losing a significant amount to estate taxes.

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