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Divorced parents can help their children at a young age

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Family Law

Georgia couples who are going through a divorce must work out a custody agreement that dictates which parent has the children and when. In society, there is often a presumption that the mother is the more capable parent and the child will benefit most from time with her. However, research and empirical data suggests that shared parenting will usually work best for the children.

Some experts have warned that small children should not spend time overnight with more than one parent. Many have used these opinions to argue against overnight visits with the father for children below the age of 4. Research has shown, however, that small children benefit the most from being able to form relationships with each parent, even from a young age.

There is a growing school of thought that there should be a presumption of shared parenting between the mother and father and that this is the best situation for the children. Infants and young children have the capability to form relationships with both parents at the same time. To restrict the time that they have with the father would be hampering the child’s ability to form a relationship with their father at a crucial age. Public policy should reflect this idea and enable both parents to have access to their child at a young age.

Parents can seek out a family law attorney for legal advice as to the best way to establish a shared child custody agreement that works best for the children. If a parent is having trouble getting adequate access to their child, the attorney might help them in a legal action in court. Sometimes, it is difficult for one to present their own case to a judge in family court, so the advice and representation from a lawyer may be helpful.


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