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April 2020 Archives

Adoption portfolios help birth mothers make informed decisions

As a prospective parent, you may have various reasons to consider adopting a child. No matter your motivation for starting the process, you must meet the state’s adoption requirements. You will likely face decisions about whether you would prefer to adopt an infant or older child, if international adoption would be right for you or if you would like to open your home to a foster child before making a lifelong commitment.

Create a comprehensive estate plan to help your loved ones

Every adult should have an estate plan in place so that their loved ones know their wishes. While many people might think that this is going to be a difficult task, it's better to think about these things now than it is to force your family to try to make decisions while they're still dealing with your passing.

Can you change your custody schedule if your work changes?

Living separated from your child is difficult, and as a noncustodial parent, it's been a rough adjustment. You want to be there as much as you can be, but the way your custody schedule is set up gives you little time to be present in your child's life.

Divorce requires you to make many decisions about your life

The process of divorcing means that you have several things to think about. You have to divide property, figure out a plan for the children and work out support agreements. You also need to think about practical matters like where you'll live and how to move forward with your life. Overall, this is probably one of the biggest life changes you'll go through.

High property taxes? Check the real value of your property

As someone who owns a home, you were shocked when you received your latest bill for your property taxes. It seemed very high, and you weren't sure where the number was coming from. Your home's value doesn't seem like it's enough to justify the taxes.

Marijuana laws in Georgia: What you need to know

There's a mishmash of laws around the country regarding the use of marijuana in its various forms. Therefore, people are understandably confused at times about what they can and cannot have in their possession. After all, it varies depending on where you're standing at any given moment.

Keep the focus on the kids when negotiating child custody terms

Many areas of divorce are challenging to work through, but child custody is one that often brings out the fight in both parents. It is understandable that you think you know what's best for your children, but you must remember that they also have another parent. Because you have to put the needs of the kids first, you likely need to be willing to negotiate the terms of the parenting plan with your ex.

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