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June 2020 Archives

Why in-patient treatment can help you criminal case

You knew what you were doing was wrong, but somehow you still never expected to be arrested. The booking process was a shock to your system. Subsequent events made you suddenly conscious of the fact that your life -- and your addiction -- had seemingly spun out of control without your notice.

Take caution before starting a business with a buddy

Developing the idea for a new business can be exciting, and it often happens with other people. Whether the people you involve are family members who help you brainstorm or friends who are active collaborators, it can be challenging to separate yourself from the influence of others as you start your business.

Compassion and empathy are important in family law

People who have a family law matter that they need to address will often need the help of an attorney who handles their type of case. Finding someone who understands the applicable laws and who has a history of satisfied clients is important, but you also need to find an attorney who has empathy and compassion.

A prenuptial can provide tremendous benefit to a marriage

There’s a lot of planning that comes after a proposal. With marriage on the horizon, excitement is in the air, with two soon to be spouses dreaming of a life together. So, bringing up a prenuptial agreement probably feels like a mood killer, right? It’s following up a promise of happily ever after with a “but what if?”

Understand how a special needs trust benefits your loved one

Trying to plan for the future for a family member who has special needs can be a challenge because they may depend on receiving help from programs that have asset and income limits. If they receive a large inheritance, for example, they might be disqualified from the programs they need. This is a tragic circumstance, especially if the inheritance isn't enough to make up for the services they're losing.

The warning signs of a breach of fiduciary duty

Certain relationships create a legal obligation, or fiduciary duty, that requires one party to act solely in the best interests of the other without regard to their own interests. A fiduciary duty can exist between a trustee and the beneficiaries of the trust, a lawyer and their client and an investment advisor and their investors, among others. It can even exist between company officers and their corporations and partners and their partnerships.

Can police perform a warrantless search of your home?

The fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution renders unreasonable searches and seizures as unconstitutional. It's generally only lawful for law enforcement officers to search a person's home under very few circumstances. Police can do so with a person's consent, a search warrant or in urgent situations.

The difference between eminent domain and inverse condemnation

Eminent domain and inverse condemnation are the two ways that government can acquire or “take” private property. There are distinct differences between the two. It’s important for property owners to understand the differences to ensure that they receive proper compensation when the government uses their land.

What's a force majeure clause?

You have a contract with an important foreign supplier, and you're relying on those shipments -- but they don't come. Your supplier explains that they cannot meet their obligations because there's been a sudden change to their country's laws interfering with exports. They invoke the force majeure clause in their contract, effectively ending their obligation to you.

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