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If you end up with a real estate dispute, be prepared to fight

Real estate can be a complex industry. If you own property, there could be a chance that you’ll end up in a dispute with someone over any number of reasons.

Some of the most common causes of real estate disputes include:

  • Real estate fraud, where one party misrepresents information that hurts you financially
  • Boundary disputes, where it’s not clear which boundaries apply to your property
  • Title issues, such as having a cloudy title
  • Specific performance disputes, where one party fails to follow through with the requirements of an agreement
  • Breach of contract, where one of the parties does not hold up their end of a contract

With any kind of dispute, the way that it will be resolved may depend on the contract you have in place. If your contract requires arbitration, then you may need to go through arbitration with the assistance of your attorney. If it does not have an arbitration clause, then you may be able to take the case to court and have a judge rule on it. When you prepare your case, it’s essential that you present all the facts. That way, a judge or arbitrator will be better able to help.

Remember, there are plenty of reasons why you might end up in a real estate dispute. Regardless of the reason, if you have a disagreement that is forcing you into arbitration or to trial, it’s time to get a little information and guidance. Our website has more on real estate disputes and what to do if you are currently facing this kind of problem.


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