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Parallel parenting could resolve child custody issues

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Family Law

Some parents here in Georgia and elsewhere simply cannot get past their personal issues regarding the divorce, especially in the beginning. It could take some time for them to reach a point where they can communicate effectively and civilly with each other depending on the circumstances. Even so, they still need to find a way to continue raising their children, and parallel parenting could provide the answer.

In a co-parenting relationship, the ex-spouses work together, usually share a parenting style and communicate often. This arrangement does not work for every set of parents. They may need to have as little communication with each other as possible in order to give the children a less stressful and contentious transition to the divorce. In these situations, parallel parenting could help provide that type of atmosphere.

Parents only communicate when necessary for the children in this type of parenting arrangement. They agree on a method of communication and a way to resolve any conflicts that may arise. Each parent is free to employ his or her parenting style when with the children, so long as it does not put them in danger. The primary goal is not to argue or express any ill feelings toward each other in the presence of the children.

Some ex-spouses only need this type of arrangement for a period of time while they come to terms with the events that led to the divorce, but others need it over the long haul. In either case, they may be doing what is best for the children in order to give them the best start possible to the family’s new circumstances. Georgia parents who believe a parallel parenting arrangement may work best for them would benefit from discussing the matter with a family law attorney who can help them create an agreement that works for everyone and effectively reflects the best interests of the children.


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