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Georgia man facing theft charges for taking mother’s car

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A few months ago, police in Georgia received reports of a stolen vehicle and just recently took the individual believed responsible into custody. The theft is said to have occurred on Aug. 12, in Forsyth County. The accused is said to be the son of the victim.

According to reports, the accused — a 32-year-old male — asked his mother if he could borrow her car. She says she expected him to return in roughly an hour, but he did not. After four days of not being able to get in touch with her son, she called the local police and reported the car stolen. Apparently, she also believes he took and used her credit card without her permission.

The accused was taken into custody by law enforcement authorities in Habersham County. He was then transferred into the custody of Forsyth County police on Nov. 10. As of the latest report, he was still in custody. Bond has been set in his case at just over $11,000.

Two separate theft charges have been filed against the accused. First, theft by receiving stolen property, and second, theft by receiving stolen vehicle. The consequences if convicted on either of these charges can be significant. Thankfully, the accused has the right to defend himself with the assistance of legal counsel of his choosing. With the right person in his corner, he can review and consider all of his legal options, question any evidence offered against him and do everything reasonably possible to fight for the best possible outcome.


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