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Landlord-tenant disputes over eviction may now look different

Being a landlord is not an easy job. Many people may have the mistaken idea that a landlord just sits back and collects rent for easy income, but really, landlords have many responsibilities to handle. In some cases, landlords may even have to evict tenants who do not pay rent or otherwise break their lease agreement. Unfortunately, evictions are not typically easy to handle, and landlord-tenant disputes could arise.

If Georgia landlords know that they will soon be carrying out eviction proceedings, they may want to prepare as best as possible. Due to many people being tight on funds these days, eviction proceedings may look different now and in the near future than they did in the past. For example, landlords may need to provide evidence that they attempted a repayment plan with a tenant before moving forward with eviction for nonpayment.

Additionally, there may be more eviction cases moving forward in the near future as eviction restrictions that were put in place due to the pandemic come to an end. This could mean that there are significant delays in cases or that disputes need to be settled out of court or handled through mediation. Anticipating these possible changes may help prevent confusion or a lack of understanding on how to proceed.

Of course, landlord-tenant disputes can have complications at any time, pandemic or not. As a result, it is wise for Georgia landlords to have legal support to ensure that they understand their eviction options and how they can best uphold their rights. Working with experienced attorneys could also help landlords understand possible adjustments they may need to make when handlings such cases during these unprecedented times.


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