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business formation & planning Archives

Rounding out your advisory team with proven legal counsel

There are likely some business-linked individuals in Georgia and elsewhere who proclaim top-to-bottom acumen concerning every aspect of a commercial enterprise. And it's just as likely that few - if any - of those people remain at the helm or near the top of their professions for long.

Georgia business: Planning for compliance from day 1

Compliance is big in business. Companies that are not compliant with federal, state and local laws could be in a world of hurt when the issues are discovered. Georgia business owners can help themselves by planning for compliance from day one.

Business planning for digital security and resilience

The vast majority of business owners in Georgia have websites, in-house networks or computer systems on which they conduct their business. Protecting digital information is a must in order to keep one's company up and running. This is why one might consider business planning for digital security and resilience.

Ready for business formation? The loans are there

Georgia residents who are thinking about opening up their own businesses have to go through a lot to get it done. Business formation can be a tough process. Part of it is getting the funding needed to get the company off the ground. Traditionally, this is something that has not been easy for new business owners to achieve.

Business planning can help when tragedy strikes

Quite a few Georgia residents are small business owners. Many of them have companies that they run with their spouses or other family members. If tragedy strikes and there is no plan in place for how to keep things moving forward, the business may suffer. This is just one reason why business planning is so important.

Some things to think about during business formation

Preparing to open up a business in Georgia? There are a lot of things to think about and decisions to be made during the business formation process that can affect the company's overall success. Here are a few things up and coming business owners need to thing about before they open shop.

Business mergers take planning

Sometimes merging businesses is what is best in the long run. It all depends on company goals. When opting to merge two companies, there are a lot of things to consider. It is certainly a process that company owners in Georgia shouldn't go through without significant planning.

Georgia business succession planning

In the early years of owning and operating a business, one of the last things a company owner may be thinking about is an exit strategy. The truth is, though, succession planning is important. It is impossible to know when it will be needed, so having a plan ready is always wise and something that all business owners -- whether in Georgia or elsewhere -- should consider having.

What soldiers can teach company owners about business planning

Setting up a business and making plans for its future may sound relatively simple, but is it? Some company owners in Georgia and elsewhere may find that it is anything but. When it comes to business planning, those with the answers may not be business-minded people at all. Instead, they are individuals whose lives literally depend on planning.

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