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Alternative dispute resolution for business disputes

When you have a business dispute, the priority is often getting it resolved so that the business can move on normally. There are several ways that this might happen. In some cases, you might be able to work something out with the other party without any assistance. You may have to turn to other options if you can't work things out.

Want to break your contract with an employer? Read this first

A lot of people like the security of having a contract with their employer -- but contracts always cut both ways. Your employer may be relying on that contract just as much as you are. Your signature commits you to work for that employer until the contract ends.

What's a force majeure clause?

You have a contract with an important foreign supplier, and you're relying on those shipments -- but they don't come. Your supplier explains that they cannot meet their obligations because there's been a sudden change to their country's laws interfering with exports. They invoke the force majeure clause in their contract, effectively ending their obligation to you.

What happens when your business partner wants to leave?

When you launched your company, you and your business partner were the proverbial "dream team." Your motivations were similar, your energies were aligned and you had a united vision. Now, you and your business partner haven't seen eye-to-eye for a while, and your partner has finally decided that it's time to move on.

Esports dispute highlights finances of professional gaming

While many people in Georgia are fans of the videos and competitions hosted by esports stars and teams, the reality of professional video gaming can be more complex. Like other forms of entertainment, esports is a major industry that relies on restrictive yet lucrative contracts. One of the stars of the esports world, 22-year-old "Fortnite" player Tfue, is engaged in an ongoing dispute with his former esports group, FaZe Clan, over Tfue leaving the group and bringing his contract to an end. Both sides are asking a federal judge to rule in their favor in key aspects of the ongoing dispute.

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