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Child Custody & Support Archives

Tips for co-parenting after a contentious divorce

Going through a divorce can elicit strong emotions and sometimes drastically change the way former spouses interact going forward. While the stresses and challenges of divorce can be difficult to move past, it's crucial that parents find a way to put aside these issues for the sake of the children involved.

Does a parent's privacy take a backseat in child custody matters?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is common among military veterans here in Georgia and elsewhere who have been in active combat zones. Many receive treatment, but do not discuss the circumstances that caused their PTSD or the particulars of their treatment outside of a counselor's office. Ordinarily, they are entitled to that privacy, but when it comes to child custody matters, a parent's expectation of privacy could disappear.

When is a sole child custody arrangement the best option?

In Georgia and elsewhere, joint custody is the arrangement of choice when parents are divorcing. However, there are reasons as to why it is not always the best option. When is a sole child custody arrangement really what is best for the child?

Actor Jesse Williams fighting for joint child custody

It does not matter if one has achieved celebrity status when it comes to fighting for time with one's children. Child custody issues often accompany divorce in Georgia and elsewhere, regardless of a couple's social or economic situation. This is something actor Jesse Williams is supposedly finding out.

3 tips for getting custody of your child

While you go through a divorce, you probably worry about custody of your child. Are you going to be able to see your child at all? Is it possible to get sole custody? These questions can cause you to stress out and lose sleep, but there are answers.

Parent Accountability Court helps parents behind on child support

Making sure that one's children are provided for financially is sometimes a challenge. There are no guarantees in life that one will be able to hold down a job or find suitable employment that pays well. When one is ordered to pay child support and falls behind on payments, according to Georgia laws he or she may be put in jail until all or part of the arrears are paid. Is this really the best way to deal with this problem?

What does it mean to be granted legal child custody?

Most people only think about the physical aspect of being granted custody of their children. While determining who a child will live with or how he or she will split time between parents does make up a significant part of the child custody agreement, there simply is more to it. Parents or the court will also have to decide who will get to make legal decisions for the affected child. Parents in Georgia who are granted legal custody will have that right.

A child custody matter does not need to become a criminal matter

It is not uncommon to hear of parents in Georgia and elsewhere being arrested over custody disputes. When children are at the heart of an issue, it is easy for parents to make rash decisions that, in the end, hurt more than they help. This is what happened in another state when a young father and his dad attempted to collect his children from his estranged wife. It is believed that couple had yet to go through divorce proceedings, and a child custody order was not in place when this incident occurred.

Yes, you can seek child custody and support modifications

When it comes to custody and support orders, they are written to fit a family's situation at the time with the hope that they will work well into the future. However, life changes often happen and will affect how well child custody and support orders function. Sometimes, adjustments to these orders will be needed. Thankfully, if this applies to you, the state of Georgia does allow parents to seek order modifications -- under the right circumstances.

Fathers want courts to provide more child custody time

When parents divorce, one of the biggest questions they may face could relate to how and by whom children will be raised. In a majority of child custody cases, the courts tend to award more time to mothers than to fathers. Many Georgia families may also be struggling to resolve this issue as their divorce proceeds.

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