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Driver must focus on criminal defense after deadly 110 mph crash

During the holidays, there are unfortunately many car crashes in Georgia that happen as a result of excessive speed. Some of these may be due to alcohol consumption, or some just because groups of people are celebrating with each other in route to an event. A recent article describes how some of these accidents could result in the driver finding it necessary to seek an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to ensure the best legal outcome after a serious accident.

Strong criminal defense needed when field drug tests are used

Imagine having your house raided by police because the wet tea leaves in your trash looked somewhat like marijuana. Imagine being pulled over, arrested and jailed for a month for possessing homemade soap that looked like it could be cocaine. In these situations, most Georgia citizens immediately retain an attorney to ensure their rights are protected and to start building a strong criminal defense.

Criminal defense against fingerprint evidence

Most Georgia residents have heard of using fingerprints to catch a criminal. Many people even have their prints on file with law enforcement. But are fingerprints actually enough to convict a person of a crime? For those building criminal defense plans after arrests, understanding this evidence could make the difference between being innocent and having criminal records.

Criminal defense options when charged with assault and/or battery

When a resident of Georgia is accused of a violent crime, it is likely that he or she will want to act to avoid the harsh penalties that a conviction could carry. Criminal charges for assault and battery could have serious consequences, impacting the personal and professional life of the accused. Therefore, it is important to understand what criminal defense strategies are available for these criminal allegations.

Things to know about stand your ground laws and criminal defense

After Trayvon Martin was shot by an armed community watch volunteer, Stand Your Ground laws were thrust into the national media spotlight. It quickly became apparent that the laws put in place to allow citizens to defend themselves were confusing, and that many people had vastly different interpretations of what was and was not legal. Even if the outcome is not as tragic as the Martin case, many in Georgia who use force to protect themselves should understand the basics of this law and how it may impact criminal defense.

Criminal defense information for organized crime and racketeering

Because businesses in Georgia and other states can greatly impact interstate and even foreign commerce, companies engaged in certain illegal activities could face charges of federal crimes. By definition, racketeering occurs when illegal businesses are run by groups or legitimate businesses which use profits to benefit a criminal organization. Racketeering could lead to serious penalties for those convicted of being involved in the process. Many facing these charges consider seeking an attorney who is well versed in criminal defense.

Teacher likely focused on criminal defense in child battery case

In recent years, cameras have been placed in most places that involve childcare. This is in order to protect the children, their teachers, caregivers and parents when issues of criminal behavior arise. Recently, an article reported that a Georgia grade school teacher was allowed to turn himself in after a judge reluctantly issued a warrant for his arrest. Along with his selected counsel, the teacher is likely considering his criminal defense options to ensure his rights are protected in upcoming legal proceedings.

Student may be considering criminal defense after shooting

When a person kills another accidentally and without premeditation, it is generally considered by legal definition as manslaughter. In order for someone to be charged with manslaughter rather than murder, certain conditions need to be met. Most who are charged with a felony in Georgia seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Building criminal defense vital for trucker in teen's death

When a commercial truck driver is involved in a crash that causes serious injury or death to others, public opinion and sympathy can often lay on the side of the victims. While there may be cases in which the responsibility for an accident lays solely on the shoulders of the truck driver, many cases may contain mitigating factors that caused the wreck. When faced with seemingly insurmountable charges, many truck drivers in Georgia may decide to call upon an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can determine a strong and effective defense strategy.

Georgia man likely building criminal defense after arrest

Being arrested for a crime can be one of the most difficult situations a person can face. If that crime allegedly includes the death of loved ones, it can be emotionally devastating. A Georgia man has recently been charged with manslaughter because of heat exposure in the deaths of his twin girls. It is likely that he is building a criminal defense in order to ensure a fair trial.


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