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Men and women need to divorce-proof their businesses

Owning and operating a business, whether in Georgia or elsewhere, is a job like no other. Entrepreneurs put in time, sweat and maybe a few tears getting their companies off the ground and running successfully. A number of things can bring a business down. Many people do not consider their marriages to be one of them, but the truth is, divorce can do a number on a business.

What to do before filing for divorce?

Georgia residents who are ready to end their marriages may be tempted to pull the trigger as soon as possible. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to get the divorce process over with as quickly as one humanly can, there is benefit to slowing down and making sure one is prepared for it and what is to come -- particularly on a financial level. This week, this column will address some things everyone should consider before filing for divorce.

How many marriages end in divorce?

Every year, quite a few couples in Georgia and elsewhere decide to end their marriages. Many people believe that the divorce rate in the United States is roughly 50 percent. An article in Psychology Today debunks that myth.

Getting a divorce? Protect your iPhone data

The iPhone is a very popular cellular device for its ease of use and ability to sync data across several devices. This syncing option allows anyone who utilizes one's devices access to quite a bit of important information. While this can be a good thing, particularly for spouses in Georgia and elsewhere who want to easily share passwords and other data, it can also be a bad thing as it can cause privacy issues if divorce enters the picture.

When your ex is not abiding by divorce terms

You ended your marriage because things were not working out, and you felt it would be better to just move on. You and your ex agreed to certain divorce terms and went on your way. Weeks, months or years down the line, your ex is not abiding by the terms to which you both agreed. What can you, as a Georgia resident, do to resolve the issue?

What can divorce mediation do for you?

Splitting up with one's spouse is difficult in a number of ways. Many people are not interested in fighting things out in court, but they do have things that they need to work out before they can finalize the divorce process. Georgia residents looking for a better way to get through the dissolution process may find mediation is a great fit. 

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