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What to know before submitting to a DUI sobriety test

Police in Georgia are constantly on the lookout for people driving while impaired. It is, unfortunately, a big problem in this state. As such, those charged with DUI may face some serious consequences if they are convicted. To help oneself, there are a few things everyone should know about DUI sobriety testing.

Charged with DUI but I did not have anything to drink

You never expected this to happen to you. You never get behind the wheel of your car while under the influence of alcohol, yet here you are, trying to figure out how to fight a DUI charge in a Georgia criminal court, stemming from a high Breathalyzer readout. How can this be happening? What can you do about it?

Georgia police chief allowed to keep job following DUI charge

Many Georgia residents believe that a drunk driving charge can completely destroy their personal and professional lives. Depending on the details of one specific case, that may be true. However, those only charged with suspicion of DUI or a first-time offense may find the consequences not as severe as they thought.

Georgia police often use Breathalyzers to check for DUI

Anyone who gets pulled over by police in Georgia for allegedly driving under in the influence of alcohol may be asked to submit a breath sample for evaluation. Law enforcement officials use the Breathalyzer in order to obtain a blood-alcohol content reading. If the number returns at a certain level, one may expect to be arrested and charged with DUI.

Have questions about your DUI case?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Georgia, you likely have a lot of questions about your case and what this charge can mean for your future. It is easy to feel intimidated by the criminal court system whether this is your first offense or you've faced criminal charges in the past. This week's column will address some of the most common questions criminal defense attorneys hear from clients facing DUI charges.

Georgia man may face felony DUI charges after fatal car wreck

A Georgia man is being investigated for possibly driving his vehicle while under the influence and causing a wreck that killed a man and injured a woman. This car crash occurred in the Forsyth area on July 19. If impairment is confirmed with toxicology reports, a felony DUI charge may be filed in this case.

DUI and the HGN

Georgia residents who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol may be asked by law enforcement officers to participate in field sobriety testing. One common test used to check for DUI is the horizontal gaze nystagmus. What exactly is this test, what are officers looking for, and is it an accurate indicator of impairment?

Georgia man facing DUI and other charges

Police in Georgia recently arrested a man who they say was operating his vehicle recklessly and while under the influence of alcohol. This gentleman is now facing DUI and other charges. The potential consequences in this case can be pretty significant.

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