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Common Reasons for Getting Divorced

"Till death do you part" may be an admirable sentiment, but real life is rarely so cut-and-dry. Every marriage will experience problems from time to time and about half of marriages won't survive these obstacles. If the dissolution of marriage is more appealing than staying together, it's time to consult a family attorney with offices in Cumming. Every couple has their own unique reasons for seeking a contested or uncontested divorce, but there are some common trends.

Helping Your Children Through Divorce

Divorce is difficult for the adults involved and even harder on their children. Most couples going through a divorce can at least agree on the desire to minimize the impact on their children. Your family attorney in Cumming can help you navigate the divorce process in a way that protects your children as much as possible. This legal advice will also help.

Understanding Joint Custody Arrangements

In most circumstances, a family court will determine that a joint custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Family law allows joint custody to involve shared physical custody, shared legal custody, or both. Legal child custody refers to the parental right to make major decisions for the child's upbringing. If you share legal custody with the other parent, it means that both of you must work together to reach a consensus on these major decisions, which can include education, healthcare, and religion. In the event that you cannot reach consensus, typically one parent has a tie breaker vote. You can obtain legal representation services to improve your chances of obtaining joint custody with the other parent.

What Are Mediation Services?

Mediation is a process where a mediator helps parties with a disagreement see if an agreement can be reached. The mediator cannot force the parties to come to an agreement, the agreement must be voluntary. In contrast, a judge's ruling on a matter is legally binding. Additionally, mediation services are more cost-effective than lawsuits and mediation can be less stressful than going to court.

Understanding Types of Child Custody Agreements

When a family court judge establishes a child custody arrangement, there are many factors he or she will consider. The overriding issue under family law is which arrangement would be in the child's best interests. To determine this, the family law judge may consider whether one or both parents would be considered fit parents, and whether one or both parents has a documented history of substance abuse, domestic violence, or other criminal activity. When you consult a divorce attorney in Cumming, be sure to disclose any information that might influence the judge's decision.

Common Reasons for Divorce

It comes as no surprise to most people to learn that the divorce rate is very high, but what exactly leads couples to file for dissolution of marriage? Although it is possible to pursue a no-fault divorce, your reasons for ending your marriage are very important for your divorce attorney in Cumming to understand, as they could impact things like child support, child custody, and visitation. Here is a look at some of the reasons your divorce lawyer is likely to have heard from other couples.

Working with a Family Law Attorney

Are you considering whether to hire an attorney for your family law case, such as a child support dispute or child custody negotiation? As this video explains, there are several advantages to having an expert in family law in Cumming working on your behalf during these types of disputes.

Common Issues That Arise in Child Custody Cases

When a relationship has produced minor children, custody arrangements often take center stage during a divorce or legal separation. In fact, one of the first questions your divorce attorney may ask you is whether you have children with your partner. There are many issues that may arise during the establishment of child custody in Cumming, such as whether one of the parents is unfit, how parenting time will be shared, and whether the family court will consider the preferences of the minor child.

Grandparents' Visitation Rights

Determining child custody and visitation rights is an important aspect of obtaining a divorce decree in Cumming. In addition to parental visitation rights, grandparents may also request child visitation rights following a divorce to maintain their relationship with their grandchildren. The type of visitation rights available and how they are obtained will depend on the state's existing visitation laws, as well as the specific situation surrounding the marriage annulment. Furthermore, grandparents' visitation rights often hinge on whether continued visitation is in the best interests of the child. One or more parents can request denial of the grandparents' visitation rights in family court if they believe continued contact will negatively affect the child in question.

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