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DIY estate planning, why it is not worth it

There are a lot of times when doing some thing oneself rather than seeking the help of a professional works out just fine. Of course, there are times when Georgia residents have gone the DIY route only for it to end in disaster. At the end of the day, there are simply some things that require the right assistance in order to get them done right. Estate planning really is one of those things.

Family law issues: Make sure to consider these in a prenup

For some Georgia couples, the decision to execute a prenuptial agreement is an easy one. Both parties agree that some financial issues need to be delved into and decided prior to the marriage. When considering all of the issues that need to be covered, it might be helpful to have some understanding of the family law issues that could arise in the event of a divorce.

Let a family law attorney help you through the adoption process

If you are thinking about adopting and have looked into how it works, you may feel overwhelmed by it all. While there are thousands of children in Georgia and across the country, and many more around the world, in need of good homes and loving parents, getting through the adoption process successfully is rather difficult. This is something with which a family law attorney can help.

Let a family law attorney help you file for a protective order

Domestic violence is something that affects numerous families in Georgia. If you find yourself in a violent relationship, while you may not feel like it, you do have options to remove yourself from the situation. To start, let a family law attorney help you file for a protective order.

Let a family law attorney help you with your prenuptial agreement

Getting engaged is an exciting thing. Planning and preparing for the future as husband and wife can certainly bring a lot of joy, and no one wants to ruin the moment by talking about what will happen in the event of divorce. While talking about a prenuptial agreement may not be the most romantic or joyous thing, failing to do so could cause issues if the marriage sputters. Whether you reside in Georgia or elsewhere, creating a marital contract can actually be a smart move, especially if you have certain assets you want to make sure are protected. Let a family law attorney assist you in creating a prenuptial agreement that will serve your best interests should it ever be needed.

Family law may provide relief for some parents

The majority of non-custodial parents want to do the best they can for their children. However, when one starts to get behind in child support payments, it can seem to have a snowball effect. There are likely a few Georgia parents who have struggled to make their payments on time and may have consulted with a family law professional.

Man victim of one aspect of family law statute

Getting married and having a child is often in the plans for many adults. However, in the case of teenagers, the decision to marry may not always have a happy ending. One divorced man may now be a victim of one aspect of family law in his state. While this man does not live in Georgia, chances are there are families here who may have found themselves in a similar situation.

How to prevent family disputes estate planning

No one enjoys thinking about life after death, but it is necessary to do so to protect an estate. Inheritances are often a source of conflict for Cumming families when a relative dies. Even though there are estate plans in place, that does not stop some family members from doing everything they can to counteract them. With careful planning, it is possible to keep your family from squabbling over your final wishes.

During family law case, don't be shy about asking for help

Going through a divorce is tough, even when ending the marriage is clearly the best possible course of action. For many in Georgia, working through the details of a divorce is incredibly stressful. There are a number of important financial decisions that must be made, and the outcome of those choices will have a lasting impact on each spouse's financial security. During a divorce or other family law process, it is important to get assistance as needed.

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