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Posts tagged "Business Litigation"

Business litigation may follow data breaches

Business owners in Georgia and elsewhere understand that keeping client and company data secure is a must. If a data breach occurs, companies big and small may face business litigation, which can do a lot of damage to their bottom line. There are things business owners can do to protect their companies from data breaches and avoid the costly litigation that may follow.

Protect yourself from business litigation over noncompetes

Many business owners in Georgia utilize non-compete agreements to protect their companies. If they do not obtain these contracts from a reputable source, they may find themselves paying for it in the long run. Business litigation over non-competes happens. This can do a lot of damage to a company's bottom line.

Business litigation: Kohls in the news for shorting workers pay

Kohls is a retailer seen here in Georgia and in states all across the country. It is home to 1,100 assistant managers who take on heavy roles in their buildings, between handling managerial duties and handling work normally assigned to hourly employees. This they do without overtime pay. The lack of extra pay has lead a few assistance managers to pursue legal claims against the company. Sadly, business litigation over pay is not uncommon.

Business litigation over alleged ADA violations

Being a small business owner in Georgia or elsewhere comes with its challenges. When leasing or purchasing a commercial space for company use, one would expect it to be up to code and ready for customers. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and if one is not careful, business litigation claims may arise over alleged ADA violations.

Georgia business litigation: 3 problems partners often face

Going into business can be a good thing. Going into the business with a partner to share the load can be a great thing. The only problem with sharing a company with a partner is that, sometimes, partners do not always agree on things. This week's column will address three common disputes that plague company partners -- whether their businesses are located in Georgia or elsewhere -- and discuss if business litigation is the right way to resolve these problems.

Georgia business litigation: common lawsuits

Whether a company is big or small, no business is immune to lawsuits. They happen, even if the owner thinks he or she has done everything right and has taken all the steps to avoid them. When they do, a business litigation attorney can help company owners in Georgia work through them.

Georgia business litigation: construction liens

Commercial construction is big business in Georgia. Unfortunately, it is not without its issues. When things are not going well at a construction site, and when the property owner is failing to live up to his or her end of the deal, legal steps may need to be taken to deal with the matter. This is where a business litigation attorney may be able to help. 

Business litigation or mediation -- which would be better for me?

Whether you've been in business for a while or are just getting started, at some point you may find yourself facing a legal matter that simply cannot be ignored. Some such matters may require that you go to court to get resolution, but others may not have to be taken to that extreme. So, business litigation or mediation -- which would be better for your Georgia-based business?

Facing business litigation over religious discrimination?

Georgia business owners get to pick and choose who they want working for them. That's the job of being the boss, right? In the hiring process, and after the fact, company owners have to be careful about abiding by discrimination laws, however. If accusations of discrimination come about, business litigation may be in one's near future.

Business litigation and internal company problems

Have you found yourself in a dispute with your business partner or employees? Are you worried about how it is all going to play out and how it will affect your company's bottom line in the long run? When it comes to internal company problems, you and other Georgia business owners may find business litigation or other dispute resolution methods necessary to resolve the situation.

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