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Breath-testing equipment could be influenced by low-carb diets

Diets that are extremely low in carbohydrates have become an extremely popular weight loss option in Georgia and around the country in recent years. They work by forcing the body to deplete its glucose stores so that energy is provided by burning fat directly. This metabolic condition is known as ketosis, and some experts say that it can influence breath test results. The claim has been made because the liver produces acetone when it burns fat and isopropyl alcohol is a byproduct of this process.

Supreme Court hears arguments on extra penalties for felons

People with criminal records in Georgia and across the country can face additional penalties for a range of other actions. For example, people who were formerly convicted of a felony offense would face additional penalties for carrying a weapon. These penalties can also apply in other circumstances; in the firearms example, people who were in the country illegally could also face additional penalties for possessing a firearm. There are questions, however, about what the accused person is required to know about his or her status.

Organization releases report on 2018 exonerations

People in Georgia who have been wrongly convicted may be among those who lost a combined 1,600 years of life to incarceration in 2018 according to a study by the National Registry of Exonerations. The 151 people released in 2018 after they had been wrongfully convicted had been in prison an average of 11 years each.

What to know about facial recognition technology

A retailer in Georgia could know if an individual was caught shoplifting at a store down the street or across the country. This is because facial recognition software can take a picture of a person's face and distribute it in a short period of time. While this may be helpful to those who own a business, it may not be beneficial for those who want to retain their privacy.

Researchers shocked by family incarceration rates study

Civil rights advocates in Georgia and around the country have been campaigning for criminal justice reform for several years, and a study released by Cornell University could add weight to their arguments. Researchers from the university's College of Human Ecology and College of Arts and Sciences scrutinized more than 4,000 cases, and they discovered that a sobering 45 percent of Americans have an incarcerated or formerly incarcerated child, spouse, sibling, parent, or grandparent.

The rising rate of arrests in America

Citizens of Georgia might be surprised to learn that, according to a recent study, Americans in their early twenties are four times more likely to have been arrested in comparison to Americans in their sixties. Furthermore, the study found that the rate at which white American men and women have been put in handcuffs has been skyrocketing over the past years, and a plausible reason for this is increased enforcement.

Focus: long-held stigma against job seekers with criminal records

There are of course many generalized comments that can be made about the criminal justice system. We prominently stress a most specific point on our website at the established North Georgia law firm of Miles, Hansford & Tallant.

Several facing drug charges after raid in Georgia

When police officers or other law enforcement agents conduct a drug raid in Georgia, the situation doesn't always end right then and there. Often, further investigations are conducted and additional arrests are made hours, days, even weeks later. A drug raid also does not necessarily mean that those charged with crimes will be convicted once the court hears both sides of the story.

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