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Sentencing factors you need to know if you're facing charges

Anyone facing criminal charges has a lot of factors that they need to consider. One of these is the sentence that they might have to deal with if they're convicted or opt to enter into a plea deal. There are specific guidelines that are present for criminal charges, so your attorney is a good source of information if you're facing charges.

How do you defend against drug trafficking charges?

When you found out that you were going to be charged with drug trafficking, you instantly knew the situation was very serious. All across the nation, the authorities are cracking down on drug traffickers, so you could be facing either state or federal felony charges. Either way, a conviction is likely to bring serious jail time.

Accused of identity theft? Make sure to defend yourself

There are many kinds of fraud that you could be accused of doing. One of the most common is identity theft. Identity theft can happen in one of many ways, such as by taking someone's credit or debit card and using it without permission, checking out online under someone else's information or even presenting yourself as them when you go to a medical appointment or take out a loan.

Is it murder if the death was unintentional?

When you caught your boyfriend with your best friend in bed together, you lost your temper. You got so angry that you picked up a large item off your dresser and threw it at them. You couldn't have predicted that the item would be heavy enough, or dangerous enough, to kill.

What's racketeering?

"Racketeering" is a word that's often used to apply to organized crime -- like the mafia. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) was originally intended to make it easier for prosecutors to target organized crime, particularly the mob bosses who directed the action of others.

Why in-patient treatment can help you criminal case

You knew what you were doing was wrong, but somehow you still never expected to be arrested. The booking process was a shock to your system. Subsequent events made you suddenly conscious of the fact that your life -- and your addiction -- had seemingly spun out of control without your notice.

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