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Wedding debt could predict early divorce

Planning and celebrating the perfect wedding could be quite expensive. Many Georgia couples gladly take on debt to pay for it. Unfortunately, spending more than they can afford may be a predictor of divorce. A new study by LendingTree found that nearly half of all couples between the ages of 18 and 53 take on debt to pay for their wedding expenses. Almost half of them contemplated divorce in the first two years of marriage.

Rapper ordered to pay $11,000 per month in child support

Hip-hop music fans in Georgia and around the country likely know Dimitri Roger by his stage name Rich The Kid. The 26-year-old rapper is being sued by his former landlord's attorney for posting her telephone number on social media platforms, and he suffered another legal setback recently when a judge ordered him to pay $11,000 per month in child support to take care of his two children.

How child support payments vary between states

Georgia parents may pay more in child support than parents in comparable income brackets one state away in Florida, and parents in both states may pay more than those in Tennessee. The company Custody X Change used hypothetical divorced parents of two children with an income of $55,000 for the noncustodial parent and $45,000 for the custodial parent to arrive at what it called "typical" child support amounts for each state.

Concerns for business owners during divorce

The financial effects of divorce can last long after most of the emotional and practical issues surrounding the end of a marriage have been resolved. This is especially true for business owners in Georgia, who often have unique concerns about how to protect their companies. In many cases, the family business is the marital asset with the highest value, even outstripping other items like the marital home, investment accounts or retirement funds. Therefore, negotiating a solution on property division is often based on resolving key questions about the business and its future.

Tips for dealing with challenging former partners

It can be difficult for anyone to deal with a narcissist or those who display other challenging personality traits. However, even narcissists may be entitled to visitation or other rights to their children. Ideally, parents in Georgia and elsewhere can adapt to their situation and do what is best for their sons or daughters. For instance, it may be best to limit how much contact a controlling or abusive parent has with a child.

Divorced parents might face challenges during summer break

With summer drawing nearer every day, kids are itching to get out of school. And parents are busy planning for how they will take care of their children after school is out. They might even be looking forward to some time off with their family as well.

Co-parenting advice for navigating the teenage years

Divorced parents in Georgia might feel like the pressure to communicate and coordinate activities for their children eases with the arrival of the teenage years. Growing independence among the children, especially if they are driving, could cause parents to drift into ineffective parenting behaviors like relying on teens to relay messages to the other co-parent. They might also assume that the other parent knows what their kids are doing.

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