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Insurance needs could change after a divorce

Georgia residents who are married may be on the same health or life insurance policies. However, when they split, one spouse may find that he or she no longer has health insurance. Therefore, it will be necessary to either take part in the COBRA program or buy a policy through the Affordable Care Act. Those who choose to participate in COBRA will pay both their share and the employer's share of the plan premium.

Marital earning disparities can lead to challenges

Despite the fact that many Georgia couples are dual earners, with both partners committed to advancing their careers, some reports indicate that relationships where the husband earns less than the wife may be more likely to run into problems. Around 38 percent of wives across the country earn a higher salary than their husbands, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Interestingly, research also indicates that these couples are likely to underestimate the wife's earnings and overestimate the husband's when answering surveys.

The obligations custodial parents have to others

Those who serve as custodial parents in Georgia or any other state must ensure that they are putting their child's needs first. Typically, this means creating a parenting plan that allows the noncustodial parent to have a relationship with their son or daughter. If necessary, a judge will create a visitation schedule that is convenient for all parties. A custodial parent should notify the other parent if changes to a plan need to be made.

How to value the role of a caregiver in a marriage

It is not uncommon for women in Georgia and throughout the country to stay home after their children are born. In some cases, women choose to leave the workforce despite the fact that they have a master's degree or higher level of education. Research has shown that women are considered to be better caregivers than men, and it also shows that most people approve of a mother leaving the workforce to help raise a child.

What a divorcing couple needs to know about child support

When Georgia couples have children and are thinking about filing for divorce, it is good for them to know what the courts look at when it comes to child support. The purpose of child support is to ensure that both parents share the financial responsibilities of the children. Courts want the children to be able to maintain a high standard of living, or at least something they are used to, after the parents divorce.

Expect the unexpected during a divorce

Georgia residents have likely heard about the divorce of Jeff Bezos. Part of the reason why this divorce garnered so much attention was the fact that Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet. As a result, a number of salacious details surrounding adultery and blackmail found their way into the headlines. However, the way that the couple handled all of these scandals and accompanying challenges serves as a good lesson for other individuals who are going through the divorce process whether it is a high-asset divorce or not.

The likelihood of joint legal custody

A divorcing parent in Georgia may seek to get custody of their children after the end of their marriage. They can seek legal custody, which gives control over the decisions about a child's religion, health care, education and other parts of their welfare. There is also residential/physical custody, which relates to where a child will spend most of their time.

Changing a child custody order

Parents in Georgia who have a child custody arrangement are bound by the terms of that agreement. However, there may be cases in which they can successfully petition the court to modify a child custody order.

How to work towards a solution to parenting issues

As long as there have been parents living in separate households, there have been child-rearing issues among them. Parents in Georgia are no exception. There are some resolution techniques that can be explored when post-relationship parenting issues arise. A number of factors will be at play during issue resolution, including how well the parents get along with each other and can communicate.

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