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Dividing IRA accounts in a divorce can be complex

Married couples over the age of 50 in Georgia and around the country are divorcing in far higher numbers today than they did in years past. Property division negotiations in a gray divorce are often difficult because older couples usually have significant marital estates that have been built diligently over several decades, and deciding how to deal with retirement assets like 401(k) and IRA accounts can be especially challenging. This is because the tax laws have been written to discourage people under the age of 59 1/2 from accessing these funds.

Adding clarity to finances with a postnuptial agreement

Couples who have been married for a while in Georgia may consider using a postnuptial agreement as a way to reset their finances. This is a contract that exists between a person and their spouse. Since assets often accumulate during the time a person is married, the agreement will protect the assets if the couple decides to separate or divorce.

Why a calendar is a useful tool in a divorce

People in Georgia who are getting a divorce may find a calendar a useful piece of evidence and memory prompter, especially if they are parents. During the divorce process, it can be hard for people to remember details about the time they spent with their children and certain expenses, but a calendar can help bring clarity.

The start of a new year is busy for family law issues and divorce

Divorce and other family law issues can happen at any time of year in Georgia and across the U.S. However, research indicates that certain months have a higher chance of people deciding to get a divorce and move on from a marriage. According to legal professionals, January is "Divorce Month," the resulting aftermath of the holiday season.

What to do when asked to sign a prenup or cohabitation agreement

It's not unheard of for a Georgia resident to ask a boyfriend or girlfriend to sign a cohabitation agreement before they move into their house or apartment. Some cohabitation agreements say that the partner signing the document will be left with nothing financially should the relationship end in divorce.

Planning for life after divorce

Ideally, a Georgia resident who is going through a divorce will consult with both an attorney and a financial planner. This may make it easier to determine how assets may be split, how to create a new budget and how to save for retirement. A financial adviser may also be able to help a person learn more about the tax implications of splitting a retirement account or other martial assets.

Visitation rights are enforceable

When a Georgia couple with children begins experiencing marital difficulties, it is not unusual to have conversations about staying together for the sake of the kids. Even after divorce, however, the couple will soon realize that divorced parents of children will be tied together forever, most particularly when the kids are minors. No matter what the nature of the relationship between the exes is, one parent cannot deny the other visitation for frivolous or other non-serious reasons.

Steps to take when resolving international child custody disputes

It is easier now more than ever to build relationships with individuals from other countries. This means that international marriages are increasing. With the increasing number of international marriages comes the increase in international child custody disputes. A Georgia resident who is engaged in this type of dispute or fears that their ex-spouse will take their children out of the country needs to understand how child custody statutes and laws work and how they can protect their children.

How to stay sane when co-parenting with a narcissist

Georgia parents who are co-parenting with a toxic ex may feel like they are going crazy. The bad-mouthing, accusations, manipulation and constant pushing of limits can make a person feel incredibly frustrated. However, there are a few ways to make it easier to co-parent with a difficult ex.

Tips for requesting a change in custody court dates

Divorce, and the custody issues that come with it, can be stressful for parents in Georgia, and fitting court dates for custody hearing around work and other obligations can be even more difficult. In general, courts expect parents to be available for these hearings at the times they are set, but there are circumstances in which a date might be changed.

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