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Things that heirs should address with aging parents

It is generally uncomfortable for people to discuss topics relating to their loved ones' potential physical and emotional decline as they age. However, these conversations can be vital, as they can allow people to make plans and decisions that outline their wishes about how their personal affairs are governed as they age. Many in Georgia create plans in conjunction with their heirs in order to solidify these wishes and remove any ambiguity regarding their desires.

Essential estate planning steps for parents and heirs

Discussions of inheritance between parents and children can often be uncomfortable, generally because it inherently involves a dialogue concerning a parent's death. However, in order to ensure that possessions are distributed to intended heirs, benefactor's wishes are carried out properly and the family remains financially sound, these discussions need to occur. Those in Georgia may be interested in a few steps to take in order to ensure that legal documents protect against protracted legal battles, especially if unscrupulous agents enter into the picture.

Ways to ensure heirs receive benefits as intended

Discussing end-of-life plans is uncomfortable for many, but the thought of beneficiaries wasting money and time fighting over one's assets is probably even more unpalatable. When someone passes away without an estate plan, loved ones and heirs often have to deal with legal issues and quarrelsome family members during their time of grief. Those in Georgia may be interested in some ways to maximize an inheritance, which often involves avoiding probate court.

Trusts and planning can keep an inheritance with intended heirs

While discussing end-of-life plans is uncomfortable for most, the thought of beneficiaries wasting money and time squabbling over one's assets is probably even more unpalatable. Intended heirs often have to deal with unexpected legal issues and, at times, can be faced with outside entities that suddenly seek to receive assets from an estate. Those in Georgia may be interested in establishing trusts and pursuing some other ways to maximize an inheritance while keeping their assets in the family.

Access to Blue Book may continue to hinder criminal defense

When someone is charged with a federal crime in Georgia, the burden of proof resides with the prosecution. During discovery, prosecutors are required to present certain information to the criminal defense team that describes the basis of the prosecution's case. One document created by the prosecution team is called the Blue Book, which is a document that the government creates detailing the information prosecutors are required to give to the defense. 

Trust vs. inheritance: Impact on beneficiaries

As people consider plans for their estates, there are many options to consider. There are many factors that people ponder when deciding between different plans, which are determined by the unique needs and desires of the benefactor. The ever-changing laws that govern trusts may require those in Georgia to evaluate other options that could profit their beneficiaries in the best possible way upon their deaths.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

Biological paternity is an important factor when determining the rights and responsibilities of your child's father under Georgia family law. If your child is born during your marriage and you later decide to seek a marriage annulment, paternity can play a part in the determination of child custody, child visitation rights, and payment of child support. However, if your child was born outside of a marriage, his father will still retain child support responsibilities, but no rights to child custody or visitation. Thus, it is important to establish paternity when determining child custody and support matters, regardless of whether you wish to remain a single parent or are seeking marriage annulment in Cumming. Your family attorney can help you with the determination of the father's rights and the development of a child support or visitation plan that meets your needs and preferences during the divorce process to ensure your child is given the positive environment and financial stability he needs.

What are the core elements of a comprehensive estate plan?

Chances are pretty good that you've been told on more than one occasion by a friend or family member that you need to have an estate plan in place. Chances are also pretty good that you already know that having an estate plan in place can help ensure that your wishes are honored and that it could provide your family with much-needed clarity in the event of your incapacity.

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