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The role of guardianships for the elderly

Guardianships are a type of court-appointed relationship that enables one person to care for another person who is medically or financially vulnerable in some way. In many cases, guardianships are put in place so that elderly people can be cared for by loved ones when they are no longer able to adequately look after themselves.

Do you need a letter of intent?

When you're creating your estate plan, you might be focused on the will and trusts, but there are other aspects of the plan that you need to consider. One of these is the letter of intent. While this isn't a legally binding document, it can prove to be very valuable in the days immediately following your passing.

Understand how a special needs trust benefits your loved one

Trying to plan for the future for a family member who has special needs can be a challenge because they may depend on receiving help from programs that have asset and income limits. If they receive a large inheritance, for example, they might be disqualified from the programs they need. This is a tragic circumstance, especially if the inheritance isn't enough to make up for the services they're losing.

Is it time for estate planning? Any time is the right time

It can be hard to start thinking about your estate plans because it draws attention to the fact that you won't be around forever. Everyone ages, and death is a part of life. Fortunately, your estate plan can make this process easier for everyone.

Create a comprehensive estate plan to help your loved ones

Every adult should have an estate plan in place so that their loved ones know their wishes. While many people might think that this is going to be a difficult task, it's better to think about these things now than it is to force your family to try to make decisions while they're still dealing with your passing.

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