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Traffic stop leads to drug charges for two in Georgia

A traffic stop in Conyers, Georgia, has led to the arrest of two young women on serious charges related to illegal drugs. They will now have to answer to those drug charges in a court of law and face serious punitive measures if they are unable to avoid conviction. As many readers know, having a drug conviction on one's record can have lasting negative consequences.

Several facing drug charges after raid in Georgia

When police officers or other law enforcement agents conduct a drug raid in Georgia, the situation doesn't always end right then and there. Often, further investigations are conducted and additional arrests are made hours, days, even weeks later. A drug raid also does not necessarily mean that those charged with crimes will be convicted once the court hears both sides of the story.

What are potential defenses against drug charges?

Being arrested and convicted for drug possession or intent to distribute can often carry severe penalties in Georgia. Therefore, those accused of drug charges frequently attempt to either clear their name or reduce the charges. Whether it is based on presumed personal use or the intent to sell, drug possession charges can greatly impact the personal and professional life of the accused, even if it is the first time he or she is charged.

Uber driver arrested for DUI drug charges after car search

When someone is pulled over because they are suspected of DUI, there are certain protocols that officers must follow to be able to search the person's car. There are many protections in place that help ensure citizens are not subjected to unlawful searches or seizures. Sometimes law enforcement needs to have a search warrant before they can search a person or their personal property, but most searches are made without warrants and are based on probable cause. Recently, a Georgia driver was arrested on drug charges when police pulled him over for suspected drunk driving.

Drug charges: What is possession with intent to distribute?

There are many residents in Georgia who have been charged with crimes involving drug use or possession. Drug charges can bring serious consequences to those who are convicted. One specific federal drug charge commonly encountered is possession with the intent to distribute. It is important to understand what this charge means in order to mount a solid legal defense.

Georgia bust results in multiple drug charges

In drug cases, searches and seizures can often develop from information found in previous raids. When this happens within a close time frame, however, important legal procedures can be overlooked by law enforcement in the haste to secure arrests. In a recent article, several in Georgia are facing significant drug charges after their involvement in subsequent raids.

3 men face drug charges after Georgia arrest

Often, people who take a long road trip may not know how it will end. However, three men driving through Georgia to the northeast most likely did not expect their trip to end in arrests. Unfortunately, they now face drug charges after they were stopped by police at a routine safety checkpoint.

Drug charges filed after seizure of $1.8M in suspected narcotics

When someone is arrested for drug possession, the consequences can be serious. However, drug charges filed at the federal level are generally more severe than those that are filed at the state level, and they carry stiffer penalties. Someone convicted of certain federal drug crimes in Georgia can face a mandatory minimum sentence of five or 10 years in federal prison.

Man faces vehicular homicide and drug charges following wreck

Facing any kind of felony charge in Georgia can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can face. The recommended sentences for even non-violent drug charges are still set very high in most states. Those accused of multiple felonies are often consumed by concerns about incarceration and what that outcome might mean for them and their loved ones.

Georgia man receives 80-year sentence for drug charges

When a person is suspected of a crime in this country, it is understandable that police and other authorities want to seek swift justice and secure a conviction. However, this pursuit for justice must not trample on the rights of the accused. A Georgia man was recently tried and convicted for alleged drug charges that resulted in a severe 80-year sentence.

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