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November 2016 Archives

Man charged with drunk driving in fatal wreck with TV personality

When responding to accidents that occur late at night, police officers and other responders generally assume that alcohol or other intoxicants are involved. Additionally, if a victim of a wreck turns out to be a local or state-wide celebrity, many officials may feel increased pressure to determine the cause of the accident and assign blame quickly. In a recent accident, a man has been charged with drunk driving and other felonies in Georgia after his involvement in a fatal car crash.

Family law: Divorce concierge a new trend for divorce?

When people go through the dissolution of a marriage, it is often a difficult process even in the best of circumstances. When people decide to divorce, some changes are expected, yet others are only discovered during and after the process. Though most in Georgia secure the services of an experienced family law attorney when going through a divorce, a quickly-growing service could assist in making an easier transition from married to single life.

Teens charged with drunk driving still may face stiff penalties

Particularly in holiday and celebratory seasons, many teens in Georgia find themselves in situations where alcohol is readily available. Because teens have access to their own vehicles in today's society, the instances of teens charged with drunk driving have increased. One of the most important factors concerning this, however, is exactly how alcohol affects the teenage brain, and causes many more opportunities for serious accidents when teens consume.

Driver must focus on criminal defense after deadly 110 mph crash

During the holidays, there are unfortunately many car crashes in Georgia that happen as a result of excessive speed. Some of these may be due to alcohol consumption, or some just because groups of people are celebrating with each other in route to an event. A recent article describes how some of these accidents could result in the driver finding it necessary to seek an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to ensure the best legal outcome after a serious accident.

The different types of business formation

One of the most important decisions business owners will ever make is choosing the right type of formation. This choice ultimately determines your tax situation and the type of regulations you will need to follow in accordance with local, state and federal law. Since there are several different types of business formations for you to consider, it helps to know what they are.

Common remedies for contract disputes

When contracts are breached, it typically means that money has been lost. Due to the loss, it should not be surprising that the most common form of remedy in contract disputes is financially focused. However, those in Georgia may be interested in the various types of remedies awarded when a contract is breached.

What are potential defenses against drug charges?

Being arrested and convicted for drug possession or intent to distribute can often carry severe penalties in Georgia. Therefore, those accused of drug charges frequently attempt to either clear their name or reduce the charges. Whether it is based on presumed personal use or the intent to sell, drug possession charges can greatly impact the personal and professional life of the accused, even if it is the first time he or she is charged.

Strong criminal defense needed when field drug tests are used

Imagine having your house raided by police because the wet tea leaves in your trash looked somewhat like marijuana. Imagine being pulled over, arrested and jailed for a month for possessing homemade soap that looked like it could be cocaine. In these situations, most Georgia citizens immediately retain an attorney to ensure their rights are protected and to start building a strong criminal defense.

Recent article shows low statewide drunk driving conviction rates

Being arrested for any reason can often feel like the end of the world. However, a recent article published by an Atlanta news station may offer a ray of hope for those charged with drunk driving in Georgia. It reports that the conviction rates for many populous counties in Georgia are less than 40 percent.

Construction contract disputes

It is not uncommon to have contractual claims and disputes occur during a construction project. Often, these contract disputes can lead to an overrun of expected budgets and result in missed deadlines. Georgia readers may be interested in an article that describes the common reasons that these issues occur and several ways that they can be resolved.

What is the difference between larceny and embezzlement?

People who are accused of committing certain crimes in Georgia know how much of an impact those accusations can have on their lives. Having a clear understanding of what distinguishes larceny from embezzlement and what they mean individually can help you to better understand your situation and actions you may need to take.

Land use and contesting eminent domain

For many, ownership of land and a home are the cornerstones of success. Thus, the fact that the government reserves the right to take a person's land and/or home under eminent domain laws may come as an unwelcome surprise. Those in Georgia whose land use may be challenged due to eminent domain could benefit from understanding how to evaluate claims and steps available to dispute them.

Avoiding business litigation due to partnership disputes

Of all the decisions that need to be made when starting a business, one of the most important is selecting the type of legal structure for the company. Some of the most common forms of business are sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and S corporations. When one chooses to structure a business as a partnership, there may be times in the future when partnership disputes occur and business litigation may be looming. A 2015 article highlights some tips that may benefit those in Georgia by alleviating some of these issues.

Criminal defense against fingerprint evidence

Most Georgia residents have heard of using fingerprints to catch a criminal. Many people even have their prints on file with law enforcement. But are fingerprints actually enough to convict a person of a crime? For those building criminal defense plans after arrests, understanding this evidence could make the difference between being innocent and having criminal records.


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