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Different Types of Divorce

In essence, a divorce is the dissolution of marriage between two individuals. However, in reality, there are several ways in which this marriage annulment can be achieved. If you have legal questions abouthow to file for divorce near Cumming, working with an attorney specializing in family law can provide the counsel you need during this time.

Advice for Negotiating Fair Alimony Payments

Let your family law attorney in Cumming know if you plan to seek alimony or if you suspect that your spouse will seek alimony. Your family law attorney can help you understand how the law applies to spousal support in Georgia and the factors that might be considered when determining alimony payments. Alimony payments aren't always determined by a family court judge. Sometimes, spouses enter into negotiations or mediation with the help of family lawyers.

Serving Corporate Clients

At the Law Offices of Kevin J. McDonough, we are dedicated to helping our clients with a wide range of legal issues, from family law to corporate matters and disputes. If you need assistance with forming a new business, drawing up contracts, or have legal questions in Cumming, talk to our experienced attorney and protect your business and your rights.

What Is Spousal Support?

When you go to family law court with your divorce attorney in Cumming, the judge will rule on a number of issues involved in the case, including spousal support. Spousal support, which is also known as alimony, refers to payments made from one spouse to the other. Under family law, the judge can award different types of alimony, such as temporary alimony for payment to be made while the divorce is pending or alimony payments after the divorce has been finalized. These post-divorce payments are generally in the form of lump sum alimony, periodic alimony, or permanent alimony.

Reasons You May Need a Protective Order

A protective order is a legal document that instructs an individual that he or she must stay away from you. A protective order is designed to help protect you from acts of violence, stalking, and similar behaviors by discouraging the individual from being near you. If that individual does violate the protective order, you can show the protective order to a police officer and have the individual arrested. Violation of a protective order is a felony which carries significant criminal penalties. If you fear for your own safety or the safety of a family member, visit law firms near Cumming to get personalized legal advice from family lawyers.

What to Expect During Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

During your first meeting with a divorce attorney, you should be evaluating your comfort level with the attorney. Your first meeting with a divorce attorney will consist of information gathering and speaking about goals. The family attorney will ask you some questions about your unique situation. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have for the lawyer.


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