We Handle Any Criminal Case, No Matter How Serious

When a prosecutor charges you with criminal activity, regardless of whether you are guilty, he or she must convince the judge or jury of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. At Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, we are well aware of each detail that stands between an arrest and an incarceration.

Our defense attorney, Brian Hansford, is astute, persuasive and well-researched when it comes to defending our Georgia clients in local, state and federal cases.

At our Cumming law firm, we effectively represent defendants charged with crimes such as assault, manslaughter, fraud, burglary, kidnapping, domestic violence and sex crimes, just to name a few. Our lawyers have extensive experience defending clients in a wide range of cases in which a lot was riding on the outcome.

We Know How To Prepare For Your Case

If law enforcement has made mistakes while arresting or investigating you, we will find them. If there are weaknesses in the prosecution's case, we will use them to your advantage. We will do everything within our power to help you tell your side of the story, refute the accusations and charges against you, and reclaim your life.

Are You Looking For A Felony Defense Attorney?

You can reach us at 770-744-1111 or through email to schedule a consultation with attorney Brian Hansford.

For assistance after hours, please call 678-343-8075.

In addition to our Cumming office, we have a new location in Roswell in the Gilbert House at 38 Sloan Street that is available by appointment.