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Turn To Us For Sound Estate Planning

Thinking about their future and that of their family can be difficult for some people. The thought of planning for events that may not take place until years down the road can be abstract and seem relatively unimportant in relation to all the things that require our immediate attention.

It’s important to think about these issues, however, and work through them with an experienced probate and estate planning attorney from Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC. The earlier you begin to consider these issues, the better off you will be in the long run.

We Have Your Family’s Needs In Mind

Our lawyers have worked with many families in Cumming and throughout north Georgia on their estate planning issues. We help people with estate planning and probate issues such as:


The cornerstone of an estate planning strategy is your will, which describes how your estate is to be handled after your death. It is crucial that your will is valid and leaves no doubt as to the disposition of your estate. Wills that are ambiguous, poorly prepared or not properly documented can lead to uncertainty and great expense for your beneficiaries.


Our firm helps clients establish trusts, which can be used to provide specific instructions and create income for those whom you specify. You are also able to choose a trustee to handle the process.


In cases of illness, disability or some other drastic condition that leaves an adult unable to make sound decisions, it may be necessary to seek a guardianship to manage that person’s affairs. This is a legal process that our attorneys can assist you with.

Estate Planning

There are several methods to help avoid lengthy probate battles and leave no doubt as to your wishes, including the aforementioned trusts. Our attorneys can develop a comprehensive plan on your behalf.

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