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What Is A Guardianship?

A guardianship is granted when a person is unable to make sound decisions on their own. This could include children who have lost their parents or others who are suffering from a mental illness, deficiency or condition that has incapacitated them.

In these instances, the court will appoint a guardian over the individual, who is referred to as the ward. The guardian is usually authorized to make several life decisions for the ward, such as the location of his or her residence and the type of medical attention that’s required.

Because a guardianship can limit the rights of the ward, they are ordered only to the extent necessitated by the person’s adaptive limitations. These arrangements are designed to encourage the development of self-reliance and independence and can be revoked if the ward is able to make enough of a recovery to no longer need the assistance of a guardian.

The courts want to convey the least amount of authority possible to the guardian to protect the rights of the ward. Because of this, you may need the services of an experienced Atlanta area guardianship attorney to make sure that the appropriate authority is awarded.

We Can Help With Any Situation You May Be Facing

If you are a Georgia resident seeking guardianship over an incapacitated adult or child, you will need the help of a professional and reputable attorney. Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, has years of experience handling guardianships in the Atlanta area. Our guardianship lawyers understand both the legal and emotional aspects involved in this type of action and can help you in any of the following situations:

  • You require a guardianship over an adult whom you believe is mentally incompetent or is mentally ill or has some other condition that diminishes his or her capabilities.
  • You have an existing guardianship, but your ward’s condition has improved or worsened, and you need to modify the court’s existing parameters.
  • Due to a full or nearly full recovery, your ward no longer requires you to act as a guardian.

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If you are seeking legal advice involving a guardianship, contact our law firm today. Our guardianship attorneys will evaluate your case and make sure that you understand the legal processes required to obtain, modify or terminate a guardianship. Please contact us today at 770-744-1111 or use our online contact form.