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Helping Your Business Build For The Future

Construction can be a lucrative business. The need for new commercial properties, while cyclical, is often strong in the north Atlanta metro area. Because of this, it is in the best interests of builders and contractors to move fast, before an opportunity goes by the wayside.

Being able to move quickly, however, isn’t a given — no matter how motivated you and your business may be. There may be zoning and land use issues requiring skills that only an experienced zoning attorney such as a lawyer from the Cumming firm of Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, can provide.

Rely On Us To Handle Complicated Matters

A lot has to happen before construction on a commercial or residential subdivision property commences. Municipalities — towns, cities and counties — have an interest in regulating land use. Public hearings, committee meetings and veritable reams of paperwork are often required, particularly if an area needs to be rezoned for commercial activity.

A disagreement about zoning might have to be resolved via real estate litigation, which is a strength of our attorneys at Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC.

The groundwork for a successful project begins at the planning stages. Running into difficulty after the process is underway can lead to delays — setbacks that are costly not only in time, but in revenue as well. Making sure you have a seasoned real estate legal team onboard from the beginning can make the process smoother and keep delays to a minimum.

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