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What happens to my social media accounts when I die?

Social media is an everyday part of our lives and our virtual world features just about everything that happens to us. We post our daily happenings, tweet our thoughts and snap our pictures. For many of us, it's our connection to the world. And since it's an everyday part of our lives, we need to be asking about what happens to our social media accounts when we die.

It's a smart idea to plan ahead for how you want to handle these accounts in the event of your death. Each service has its own standards, so you'll want to know how each is handled. If you don't create a plan for your social media platforms, what happens to your accounts is up to your family, and it's not always that easy.

Tips for co-parenting after a contentious divorce

Going through a divorce can elicit strong emotions and sometimes drastically change the way former spouses interact going forward. While the stresses and challenges of divorce can be difficult to move past, it's crucial that parents find a way to put aside these issues for the sake of the children involved.

Charged with a felony? Your representation matters

In the state of Georgia, the penalties attached to certain criminal convictions can be quite severe -- even life-changing. This is particularly true in felony cases. If you have been charged with a felony, how you fight your case and who you have helping you matters.

No two criminal cases are exactly the same. The circumstances surrounding your arrest and the evidence against you are unique to your case. When fighting criminal charges, you need help from someone who understands that. You need someone who will fight for you and your best interests.

The steps of estate administration

When a loved one dies, dividing up his or her estate has to be done in a specific way. Estate administration can be a complex process. There are certain steps that must be followed to make sure it is done properly and in accordance with Georgia law. So, what are the steps to estate administration?

Step number one: inventory and value. Before any assets can be divvied out to beneficiaries, it is necessary to inventory all assets first in order to make sure they are all accounted for, and it is also necessary to determine their value. This can take time, especially if the decedent failed to create or update an estate plan.

Court not necessary to handle child custody or support issues

Divorce is not the easiest thing to get through, and even when all is said and done, issues may arise that need addressing again -- especially if you have children. Not all parents find it easy to come to agreeable child custody or support terms. This does not mean that a Georgia court will get to decide these terms for you. You may be able to mediate the matter successfully.

Mediation puts parents in a room together to talk out what terms each believes are acceptable. A mediator is present to help keep things civil and keep the conversation going. If parents cannot be in the same room, each may be kept in separate rooms, and the mediator can deliver information back and forth between each party.

The steps to business formation in Georgia

It takes a lot to open a business and keep it open. Where does one start with business formation? What steps should one follow to open a business in the state of Georgia?

Starting any business begins with an idea. What kind of company does one have in mind? After forming an idea, write a business plan. This can be as detailed as one wants it to be, but the more detailed the better. The business plan should include goals and how to reach them, market research and financial information.

Do not let these mistakes screw up your post-divorce finances

Ending one's marriage is never easy. Divorce is difficult and emotionally and financially draining. There are a few things that Georgia residents can do to get through the process without screwing up their post-divorce financial situations.

When going through a divorce, one might want to do anything to keep one's mind off of what is going on. Some people turn to retail therapy to drown their sorrows. This may be a mistake. Increasing one's debt load when one's income is about to drastically decline will only hurt his or her financial position post-divorce.

What to know before submitting to a DUI sobriety test

Police in Georgia are constantly on the lookout for people driving while impaired. It is, unfortunately, a big problem in this state. As such, those charged with DUI may face some serious consequences if they are convicted. To help oneself, there are a few things everyone should know about DUI sobriety testing.

There are a number of sobriety tests used by police. There are physical field sobriety tests. These are the ones where officers ask suspects to perform certain movements so that they can check their ability to balance and follow directions. Then there are chemical tests. These come in for the form of Breathalyzers or blood tests.

Zoning: Need the right plan at the right time and approval

Building projects fall through. It happens when there is no interest, there are funding problems or for a number of other reasons. A certain plot of land in the Macon area has sat empty for roughly a decade due to subdivision settlements falling through because of the recession. Recently, a Georgia developer finally got zoning approval to utilize this piece of property, and it looks like it will be a good fit for the community.

According to a recent report, Three Oaks Construction and Development Inc.'s conditional-use application was approved. They now have the right to build houses on the property located at 5064 and 5075 Rivoli Drive. The property is 11.5 acres in size. The development company plans to build a total of 33 houses.

Business litigation may follow data breaches

Business owners in Georgia and elsewhere understand that keeping client and company data secure is a must. If a data breach occurs, companies big and small may face business litigation, which can do a lot of damage to their bottom line. There are things business owners can do to protect their companies from data breaches and avoid the costly litigation that may follow.

Tip number one: Know what to look out for. Some people may believe that their businesses are not susceptible to data breaches because they are small. The truth is, hackers do not care; they will take advantage of anyone. Those who know what ransomware is, what it does, how it can get into one's system and how it can affect one's system can stop it.


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