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Why eyewitness testimony isn't a sure bet for prosecutors

You've been arrested for a serious offense, and the police detective tells you that they have an eyewitness who can positively identify you as the perpetrator of the crime.

Is it time to panic? Well, any arrest should make you immediately start looking for an experienced defense attorney to handle your case, but it definitely isn't time to throw in the towel. Your conviction is far from assured -- even with eyewitness testimony.

How can you get started with estate planning?

Estate planning is something that everyone should plan to do. If you haven't started yet, that's fine. There is time to do it now, and you can build on your initial plan over time.

Getting started is often the hardest part of estate planning, which is why it's time to sit down and write out a schedule. Scheduling estate planning is a great way to get it done, even when you don't want to.

You have to work through these areas in divorce

Family law matters are often those that are close to a person's heart -- especially when it comes to divorce and child custody. When a couple who has children decides that the marriage isn't working, they may decide to take legal steps to end the union. This triggers the need to handle a few different points.

We know that emotions often run high in divorces. We're here to help you learn about what options you have to resolve these matters. Remember, each one must be handled separately. Most commonly, you'll have to go through the property division process and the child custody decisions. You can't let what happens in one area of concern dictate what happens in the other.

Why the Georgia gang database is a bad idea

Organized gang activity is definitely a problem in many areas of the country, and Georgia is no exception. It's hardly surprising, then, that the governor has announced the creation of a statewide database that's designed to track known gang members, suspected gang members and their various associates.

The Georgia Criminal Street Gang Database (GCSGD) went fully operational in February. The goal is to provide officers with an investigative tool that can also inform their official processes and help keep officers from getting hurt in the line of duty.

What people should know about life insurance in a divorce

Spouses in Georgia who are negotiating a divorce agreement often fail to appreciate the difficulty and importance of figuring out the right life insurance arrangement. It is not as cut and dry as it seems, and it requires some foresight. However, divorcing spouses typically focus most of their energy on issues such as property division and custody.

The divorce agreement will generally mandate that one or both spouses maintain a certain minimum amount of life insurance. Figuring out the proper amount of coverage is not always easy. It is difficult to anticipate exactly how much it will cost to raise children in the future as well as how much college will cost. These same considerations are also necessary if one spouse is paying alimony to the other. Yet some divorcing spouses simply seem to pick a random number and put it in the agreement.

Considering estate planning during COVID-19

People in Georgia and across the United States following the spread of COVID-19 across the country might be wondering how the illness could potentially affect their family. As the financial markets fluctuate, estate planning details might change.

Experts recommend that estate holders focus on the well-being of their family during times of uncertainty. They can begin by reviewing estate planning documents, such as a will, health care directives, revocable trust, power of attorney and beneficiary designations. Having these documents in place can prevent feelings of anxiety and fear should someone in the family become ill.

Esports dispute highlights finances of professional gaming

While many people in Georgia are fans of the videos and competitions hosted by esports stars and teams, the reality of professional video gaming can be more complex. Like other forms of entertainment, esports is a major industry that relies on restrictive yet lucrative contracts. One of the stars of the esports world, 22-year-old "Fortnite" player Tfue, is engaged in an ongoing dispute with his former esports group, FaZe Clan, over Tfue leaving the group and bringing his contract to an end. Both sides are asking a federal judge to rule in their favor in key aspects of the ongoing dispute.

Tfue filed suit first against FaZe Clan, seeking an escape from his gamer agreement. In particular, he cited California law, noting that the agreement that allows FaZe to take up to 80% of his earnings violates the state's rules about talent agencies. Because California is such a center for entertainment, the state has a range of protective laws designed to shield entertainers from exploitation by labels and managers. However, FaZe says that the contract was concluded in New York under that state's laws and must be dealt with there.

Quaint Georgia shopping area slated to be demolished

According to news sources, a quaint shopping area on St. Simons Island in the Pier Village shopping district is planned to be demolished and replaced by a 20,000 square-foot art complex. The area is located at the corner of Beachview Drive and Mallery Street and is filled with colorful shops.

An the application was filed that revealed the plans for the shopping area with the Community Development Department of Glynn County. The application, which was filed on Feb. 24, includes plans to tear down the existing shops to make way for a single, large art complex and museum. Shopkeepers in the Pier Village Market received notice by email that they would need to vacate their businesses by May. Many stated that they hope to find new locations elsewhere on the island.

The financial aspects of divorce

The end of a marriage can be an emotional time for a couple in Georgia. In many cases, soon-to-be exes want to reach an accord on the applicable divorce legal issues by negotiating a settlement agreement. Many prefer this alternative to fighting it out in court, but they need to avoid the temptation of rushing through the process because they might forget to include some important points. One of those is the financial ramifications.

There are a variety of financial matters that will need to be taken into account before the settlement is prepared, especially if the couple has substantial assets. These include the amount of spousal and child support that will be paid. Other issues to consider are 401(k) plans and retirement accounts, health care and life insurance policies, estate plans, charitable gift programs, business ownership interests, and, if one of the parties is keeping the marital home, real estate value and if the existing mortgage can be refinanced.

How to make a divorce as easy as possible

Divorces in Georgia and throughout the country are often emotional events that can have a lasting impact on people's physical, financial and mental health. However, there are steps that a person might take to help a divorce go as smoothly as possible. Ideally, individuals will be open and honest about what they need as a marriage comes to an end. Even if they don't want to talk with their former partners, it is important to communicate well with an attorney or mediator.

Of course, settling a divorce can be easier when the parties to the proceeding learn to communicate effectively. Settling a divorce in a timely manner may be especially important for parents who will need to work together to raise their children. In some cases, focusing on the needs of the children can help adults put aside their differences.

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