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Building criminal defense vital for trucker in teen’s death

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2016 | Criminal Defense

When a commercial truck driver is involved in a crash that causes serious injury or death to others, public opinion and sympathy can often lay on the side of the victims. While there may be cases in which the responsibility for an accident lays solely on the shoulders of the truck driver, many cases may contain mitigating factors that caused the wreck. When faced with seemingly insurmountable charges, many truck drivers in Georgia may decide to call upon an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can determine a strong and effective defense strategy.

A recent case describes an accident, which occurred Saturday, August 20. A tractor-trailer driver from New Mexico struck the back of a car driven by an 18-year-old from Locust Grove. The vehicles were traveling on a busy highway in Atlanta, and the initial wreck caused the teen’s car to crash into several others.

Ultimately, the crash affected five additional cars and shut down the highway for five hours while police investigated. The teenage girl was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, while seven others were sent to Atlanta Medical Center with injuries that were considered non-life-threatening. The driver of the tractor-trailer was arrested and charged with following too closely, second-degree vehicular homicide and other commercial vehicle hours of service violations.

Truck drivers lead strenuous lifestyles and are often encouraged by their employers to break the number of commercial drivable hours the law restricts them to. When a lack of sleep is combined with the monotony of highway driving, accidents often result. An experienced criminal defense attorney could help those in Georgia facing similar situations to mount an effective criminal defense, even against the most difficult odds.


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