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Georgia divorce: Handling the misuse of child support funds

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Divorce

Numerous parents in Georgia are ordered to pay child support in order to ensure that their children’s needs are being met. This is a standard part of a divorce settlement if children are involved. The purpose behind child support is good; unfortunately, there are those on the receiving end who misuse the funds that they are given.

Child support is to be used for certain things such as housing, food, clothing, child care expenses and anything else that is considered to be a necessity. It can also be used for things that are considered extras such as recreational activities, extracurricular activities, school expenses and various others. How child support funds are to be used can be carefully detailed in a support order.

Sadly, there may be times that the paying parent does not believe the funds he or she is providing are being used to take care of the children’s needs or approved extras. When this happens, there are those who choose to quit paying support altogether. This is not a wise choice as it can have a number of severe consequences. Those who believe that the receiving spouse is using funds for him or herself and not for their children can take legal action in an effort to correct the problem.

Proving that funds are being misused can be difficult. However, any and all instances of possible misuse should be documented in detail. With this information, one will be able to go to court in order to address the child support issue. An experienced divorce and family law attorney will be able to assist support paying parents in Georgia as they fight not only for fair and affordable support orders, but also to ensure that the money is actually being used to serve the best interests of their children.

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