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Land use laws can hinder development

Developing land in Georgia is not as simple as picking a plot and building. Land use laws sometimes hinder development. So, some developers really have a lot of hoops they have to jump through if they want to see their projects come full circle.

There are two kinds of developers: public works and private. Public works developers are not in it for any long-term investment. They generally work for the city or state and do what they do to develop the community and put people to work. As their projects are typically government funded and supervised, getting land use permits may be fairly easy.

Private developers, on the other hand, are in it for the investment. They will need to see a return on investment in order to make the project worthwhile, so they will have to carefully plan their projects, watch financing, look at market forecasting and be aware of any legal restraints. They may also find it more difficult to get their land use permits, particularly if there are zoning issues that must be resolved first.

In order to see a project come to life, developers in Georgia and elsewhere need a team of people working to make it happen. Part of that team usually includes legal counsel. With an experienced attorney at one’s side, a private developer can do what is necessary to seek land use permits and address zoning issues. Property development takes time, and it takes going about seeking approval in a certain way. With legal assistance, the proper steps to get a project off the ground can be taken.

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