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Want a home-based business? Consider zoning

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2018 | Land Use & Zoning

When going into business for oneself, home seems like a great place to start it. Having a home-based business can be a dream come true. It is impossible to beat the commute. Unfortunately, some budding entrepreneurs in Georgia may not realize that zoning laws do need to be taken into consideration when starting and running a company from their personal dwellings.

Before deciding to set up shop, the best thing one can do is find out current zoning laws for one’s housing area. These records are fairly easy to access and there is no need to give a reason as to why one wants to see them. There should be a section about home-based businesses for one’s locale.

Why does this matter? If a person sets up shop in his or her home and zoning laws prohibit doing so, either entirely or for one’s particular type of business, the company could be closed down or heavily fined. This is not a chance any business owner should want to take.

If Georgia zoning laws do not work in one’s favor, it does not mean one’s dreams for a home-based business are dead. It just means that seeking an adjustment to current zoning laws may be necessary. An experienced land use and zoning attorney can assist with this. There are a number of ways to seek a modification to current zoning regulations — such as by filing for a complete overhaul of the city plan or by filing a variance, among others. Legal counsel can review the specifics of one’s case and help one take the appropriate actions.


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