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Rapper ordered to pay $11,000 per month in child support

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Family Law

Hip-hop music fans in Georgia and around the country likely know Dimitri Roger by his stage name Rich The Kid. The 26-year-old rapper is being sued by his former landlord’s attorney for posting her telephone number on social media platforms, and he suffered another legal setback recently when a judge ordered him to pay $11,000 per month in child support to take care of his two children.

When Roger’s wife filed for divorce in March 2018, she alleged that the rapper was a serial cheater. She also boasted on social media that she had not entered into a prenuptial agreement with Rogers before walking down the aisle. Court papers reveal that she is seeking full physical custody and joint legal custody of the couple’s two children. She is also seeking an undisclosed amount of spousal support. Media reports indicate that the couple have decided to avoid a public court battle and wish to settle their divorce through mediation.

However, the couple’s desire to avoid publicity does not appear to extend to social media platforms like Instagram. Rogers is said to use the platform to meet women, and the hip-hop star frequently posts images of himself on Instagram wearing expensive jewelry and holding large amounts of cash. His estranged wife also takes to Instagram often to criticize the rapper and comment about the way he behaved during their marriage.

Experienced divorce attorneys may encourage their clients to pursue alternatives to court when the chances of reaching a settlement through negotiations seem slim. Mediation and collaborative divorce are less confrontational approaches that focus on finding common ground, and they may be particularly beneficial when young children are involved.


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