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Construction defects can lead to serious damage

Construction defects that Georgia residents may find in residential or commercial buildings usually refer to a deficiency in the way the building was designed, planned, inspected or constructed. It could mean that the building did not perform to a reasonable degree in the manner that it was intended by the buyer.

Structural integrity issues could be caused by failures in the concrete, carpentry, masonry and foundations. There could be water intrusion, which creates the perfect conditions for mold, electrical issues, mechanical issues or heating issues. When the court looks at construction defects, it usually divides them into four categories. These categories are subsurface deficiencies, design deficiencies, material deficiencies and construction deficiencies.

Design deficiencies focus more on the work done by engineers and architects who had the responsibility to design the building and the systems. When the systems don't work as specified, they may be referred to as deficient. The state has codes for construction, so design deficiencies could include roof designs that do not match the building codes of the state and that lead to inadequate structural support.

Material deficiencies, on the other hand, refer to poor quality building materials being used in the construction that lead to problems. This could be window leaks, doors that will not close, framing that does not flush or inferior asphalt roofing shingles.

Construction defects are a major force behind real estate disputes. These are caused by poor workmanship. Construction defects can lead to errors in the construction process, leading to water infiltration, mold growth, cracks in the foundation, dry rot in wood, mechanical problems, plumbing leaks and more.

Construction defects can leave a homeowner facing serious monetary damage. Some construction defects can be hidden for a long time. When they finally come to light, the damage may be extensive. A homeowner who is dealing with construction defects may want to speak to an attorney who understands housing and construction defects. The attorney may be able to help the client get compensation for damages they are facing.

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