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Personal information is needed when getting a divorce

When the time comes to end a marriage, it can be time to get to work. Even when the decision to divorce is mutual, it is not easy gathering all the information and preparing for the dissolution proceedings ahead. This process could be even more challenging if the decision is not mutual as the spouse who does not want to end the marriage could try to hide important information. Still, it is essential that Georgia residents know what information they need during this time.

Because ending a marriage is a legal process, the court and individual legal counsel will need personal information about the parties getting divorced. They will likely need to provide a proof of residency so that the correct state divorce laws are followed, and a mailing address will be needed so that an attorney and the court will know where to send applicable legal documents. If one spouse is initiating the divorce, it may be wise for that person to set up a P.O. Box to receive such documents.

The court will also need to understand the financial affairs of each party to determine any child support or spousal support that may need awarding. Financial information to provide could include salary or wage amount, employer’s contact information, duration of employment, and other related information. The court will need these details for both parties, and it may be wise to obtain and review a spouse’s information to ensure that he or she provides the correct details to the court.

Getting a divorce is a personal experience, and while it may seem invasive to provide such personal details to the court, it is necessary in order to fully sever the appropriate ties. If Georgia residents are considering making this change, they may want to make sure that they have all the information they need to move forward effectively. Discussing preparations and important documents with experienced family law attorneys may be helpful at this time.


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