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Let Us Handle The Legal Matters

Whether you are filing a lawsuit for an unfulfilled contract or have been served yourself, the law practice of Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, has the litigation skills to help resolve all types of business disputes.

We defend and resolve corporate and commercial contract disputes throughout Georgia, always striving for the results that will most benefit our clients. Aggressive in defense, we are cognizant of the time and expense that legal action takes. Let us handle your contract issues so you can focus on running your business effectively.

Strong Advocacy For Breaches Of Contract

Our business lawyers serve both plaintiffs and defendants with staunch representation for every breach of contract scenario, including:

  • Contracts for goods or services
  • Supplier and vendor disputes
  • Uniform Commercial Code-governed transactions and contracts
  • Licensing violations
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Employee contract disputes

If you are in the middle of a contract dispute, please contact us sooner than later. Our counselors are highly motivated and can give you a head start on your legal action with a strategized defense.

Customized Representation

We customize the way we handle each case, based on the client’s specific goals. Settling out of court is always the best idea in a dispute — if it is in our client’s best interests. Our attorneys are astute negotiators and can pursue damages or the other party’s performance in your best interests. If mediation or arbitration is not working for a fair outcome for you, we are fully prepared to go to trial and fight for results.

Discover Legal Options For Your Dispute — Get Started Today

Let us do the time-consuming legal work, while you get back to focusing on your business. Contact us today at 770-744-1111 or fill out our contact form. We make a point to respond within 24 hours.