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Helping You Establish Paternity

Issues relating to family law and children can be incredibly difficult and problematic if paternity is not established. Paternity needs to be established in order for a father to have legal obligations to their child. The other related concept to paternity is legitimation. If a child is born outside of a marriage, a father has legal obligations to the child but no legal rights to custody or visitation.

Although the courts attempt to keep your child’s best interests in mind, sometimes that may not be clear to the court. Be prepared for your case with the assistance of our family law attorneys.

We can help you establish paternity for cases involving:

Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, has more than a decade of experience with paternity cases and legitimation cases in Georgia. Our lawyers can guide you throughout the legal process and address your concerns. Contact our law firm at 770-744-1111 to schedule a consultation.