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Handling Disputes Between Landlords And Tenants

Rental properties can be lucrative. For many individuals and businesses, revenue from residential or commercial properties can act as an income stream, providing a reliable source of funding for your bottom line. As with many other aspects of real estate, however, the potential for business disputes is always there.

At Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, our attorneys work closely with property owners in Georgia when they need representation in a landlord-tenant dispute. Our experience in real estate matters and business litigation makes us a valuable resource for those battling their landlords or tenants.

We’ll Advise You Of The Best Path

Because every case is different, we will examine your situation with the utmost care and attention. Common points of dispute between tenants and landlords include:

  • Issues regarding the lease such as noncompliance and termination of the lease at the end of the term
  • Late or missed rent payments
  • Complaints over building upkeep or unsafe conditions

The strength of a lease depends on how it is written. Our experienced real estate lawyers can review your lease before it is signed, heading off many potential problems before they become legal matters. Should a dispute lead to litigation, however, our legal team is battle-tested and ready for that situation as well.

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